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Ken Pawson, winner of the prestigious Dog Writers of America award in the poetry category, recounts a young man's experience during the Golden Age of Antarctic exploration. He details life on the remote bases where exploration, surveys and gathering of scientific data was carried out with the help of Inuit Sled Dog teams. Ken gives a compelling narrative, often laced with humor.
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A novel full of passion and sled dogs. Romantic Times Book Club gave it four stars. (Trails of the Heart) Northern Lights and Sled Dogs is an endearing love story that s sure to put a smile on readers' faces. The author's impeccable descriptive detail of the Alaskan wilderness provides a powerful backdrop for a story filled with passion, adventure and personal triumph... Genevieve pens a colorful and exciting portrait of two strong-willed characters who, through their own-self discovery, find not only love but triumph over adversity. A truly entertaining read.
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The Inuit Dog of the Polar North is the third revised and expanded edition of The Canadian Inuit Dog: Canada's Heritage.
There have been many technological developments that enable scientists and researchers to pinpoint the origins of the Inuit dog. Advances in DNA analysis have definitely determined who's who in the dog world.Geneviève Montcombroux has gathered all available information and distilled it in th emost readable manner in The Inuit Dog of the Polar North.
With a forward by reknowned explorer and dogsledding outfitter, Paul Schurke, the book emphasizes the role of the Inuit dog in the life and survival of the inhabitants of the polar regions.

Also available in digital forma

My dear friend, the late Kevin Walton, edited a collection of stories and photos about the British Antarctic Survey(BAS) for the book Of Dogs and Men. Many stories and pictures didn't make it into the book but they were just as good and relevant. Kevin gathered them in a simply bound book for each of the BAS members and one for me. 
     It is time that I share this "book that wasn't". There will be a new part every two months. Because this book is a photocopy of the original documents and photos - done prior to digital cameras and advanced photocopiers - some pages are not as clear as I'd wish. Wherever I own an original, I inserted it.      
    I hope you can still read and enjoy this "book that wasn't".